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SCMM 2014: Veni Vidi Vici

Date: Jan 19, 2014                      Time: 5:00 AM                    Place: Azad Maidan, Mumbai

Waiting for this morning since a year. Just said to a friend "pet mein gudgudi ho rahi hai"(to be english friendly it means feeling butterflies in stomach). Yeah, this is my state. Anxious, excited, to be true little scared too. Waiting with friends for the gates to open, trying to locate some known faces.

While the gates get open, let me take you guys in flashback. I love coming to Mumbai and why not, SCMM is like Mecca for runners. And one of the predominant reason for this tag 'Mecca' is its people, the way they show their love and affection for people coming here and running those miles. But things were not so rosy on training front last year. Infact by september i was sure of skipping ADHM & SCMM altogether. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, registered for SCMM on Sept 26. It was an impulsive decision, but once done i knew that its going to be fun(read tough) training for SCMM as time was at premium(WAQT, race against time).

I put my best foot forward (yeah literally, infact both J). ADHM went nicely. Trained hard with max mileage in december, in the hostile Delhi weather. Increased mileage, overworking muscles, in a short time is a perfect recipe for shin splints. As a result no running in final two weeks of the showdown. And what all went through my mind in those two weeks, runners will relate to. Why i am even telling this? Well, just to give a picture of what it takes and what it really means for most of us, to stand few meters away from the start line on a sunday morning, ready to run some 42Kms. And that's just not me, here with me is a sea of maniacs, men women in colorful attires, some with grey hairs, everyone having just one desire.

As far as my goal for today's run, yes i was training for sub 4, but all those plans vaporised with that shin pain 2 weeks back. I have managed my heart to accept that even a 4:30 time will be ok, lesser-the-better. I will run as per my feeling, no pushing for any target at all. And suddenly what i see, there is a 4 Hr bus (strange, there was no 4 Hr bus on the event site). My heart rekindled with that sub 4 desire and i gave in(a decision which should be called too optimist, but when you desire something so badly, your heart keeps looking for ways to fulfil it overruling what mind orders). I told myself, lets be with the 4 Hr bus as long as the legs can. So thats the start line, picture courtesy Aayush (please do not sue me for copyright infringement)

Time 5:40 AM, the start time, heart rate went bit higher(good that i am not wearing a heart-rate monitor, else nearby runners must have thought that i started from pedder road). And the run started, but i could not catch the 4 Hr bus from the very first meter and the gap kept on increasing slowly and slowly and by KM4 i could not see the 4 Hr bus flag anymore. I consoled myself and kept to a comfortable pace. By now i got better of my nerves and it was business as usual for my legs. All this while my watch was very assuring to me. Infact i was doing exactly as i planned to do a sub 4 in my training earlier and that too without actually going for it.

The Indian Navy band at chowpatty was  a great booster. A barefoot runner overtook me, and i cheered him for running so nicely, that too barefoot. He reciprocated, the girl running with him said "He is a superman". Caught with another runner, came to know that he is also from Delhi and more of a cyclist. One of our gang member has done a lot of TASHNI things in  cycling world last year, so i asked to have more familiarity "you might be knowing Lovey" and "yes" came the answer. And with in a second another "yes" came to my ears and it was from Lovey himself(shaitaan ka naam lo, shaitaan haazir). I cheered Lovey and left this guy in his company to move forward.   
At KM8, the very first elevation. A guy with grey hairs was running great. We cheered each other. He uttered to the runners around him "just lean forward and run easy". Oh yes, i increased my angle by five degrees J. Now a tall guy was trying to overtake me. I think its the habit of every runner, whenever someone tries to overtake us, we get little faster and try to match his/her pace. I cheered him and he overtook me after thanking me. I caught him again and pointed out "hey, i am still with you". We got in the conversation mode (He is Satya, from Mumbai, working in a construction company which has constructed Bandra-Worli sea link, was a finance person there etc etc etc). Infact this chatter went on for next 20 Kms. Elevation conquered and soon we were sailing down the pedder road. What a speed we gained there. I asked Satya, how we must be feeling while returning back and running up the same thing at 35K. We both laughed at the thought and kept the speed up. I was feeling great, my legs were in mood and both of us were matching each others step.
Half marathoners were coming from the other side. Satya and myself, kept chatting and motivating fellow runners. Met RashmiM around 13K. She was running superbly and cheered us back. A runner with "Ronaldo" printed at the back of his t-shirt was constantly running ahead of us from quite sometime. I asked Satya "lets catch Ronaldo" and he was game. We caught Ronaldo, cheered him and moved on.

Km 16, and we are running on sea link. It was a heavenly weather and a breathtaking sight. On my left was moon, high up in the sky. On my right, Sun was trying to come out of its shell behind some tall buildings and yes, sea was beneath us. Running on this stretch is awesome. Although there was a good head wind, a noticeable elevation but i was running with ease. No hint of shin pain till now. Satya was explaining few details of sea-link to me. The barefoot runner of KM4 and the girl were in sight. Satya and myself overtook the superman. That's Satya and myself. Effect of running on sea-link is quite obvious on our faces.

21K was done in exactly 1:59:16. Very consistent with my sub 4 plan. But i am still not thinking about it. Its happening, and happening very much as i planned. My next target was to do 32K in 3 Hrs. Soon i caught up another runner wearing Tech-mahindra t-shirt and instantly struck a conversation. He is Manish, from Pune, running with some of his office mates etc. After enquiring all the info from this new mate, i introduced him to Satya and now Satya, Manish and myself are cruising nicely. Mumbai is all up now. People from all walks of life were outside their homes cheering us. Kids were stretching their hands to do a high-five.

Suddenly Satya roared "Ganpati bappa morya" and Shree Siddhivinayak were in front of us. We took his blessings and moved on. Manish dropped behind, Satya and myself were going great. Now we were looking more for the inside edges of the curves (every extra meter counts J). I dont know for whatever reasons, i find the route between 27K till 32K very uninspiring and monotonous. Its also the point when your body start feeling the inevitables. I could sense a bit of effort in Satya's voice while chatting with him. After running some 20K together Satya dropped back somewhere around 28K. I was all alone waging the battle.
To be true i can not say that i was running with ease now. Slowly i had to pull my marshalls out, one by one. Around 29K met SanjayJ. Cheered his spirits loudly and went on. Sun was out, trying to make a difference but nothing much to worry about. Saw the 4 Hr bus on the other side of the road. It must be  some 1500 meters ahead. Took the u-turn after 29. Fellow runners were more on run-walk mode. Few others were limping and looking faded. Even my loud cheering was not making much difference to them. The overall changed parameters made me realised that things are getting tough now.
31K, cheered and waved at my friend and gang member SandeepA on the other side. He was running great, ahead of 4:30 bus. My mind was negotiating hard with my heart, who was giving a kit-kat break signal. I kept the momentum and crossed 32k in 3:0:35. So i had around an hour for the remaining 10.2K. No, i can not afford to think that far when the dreaded pedder road elevation still remains. Next target is 37K mark in next 30 minutes. I sponged my face, poured some water on my neck (taking clue from my lost running mate Satya). I was missing him or more precisely i was really in need of someone running at my pace.

A couple of girls with "unstoppables" printed on the back of their t-shirts were walking. I cheered "hey unstoppables, come on". They also replied back with a nice smile "we are not stopping we are walking". Anyway walking was not an option for me. 35K done, I knew that now is the time that will make the difference. Pedder road elevation is in front, mumbaikars were on the sides. I chose the mumbaikars and ignored the elevation. Have given enough respect to this road in my last 2 FMs. Suddenly remembered a line from my DM friend VishwanathanJ's blog, "there is no elevation if you focus on one step at a time". I tried to think so, but this Gyaan was not a help for me J.

Two girls from medical camp were holding relispray. Although my leg muscles were not complaining loudly, still i accepted the long deferred wish of my heart, before i present him the pedder-road-trauma. Took a 5 second break to get my legs sprayed. Their smile and spray both worked, if not physically then definitely mentally. 

Kept running on the inside edge of the road, although sunny and lonely but my legs were happy running few meters less. Can not afford to annoy them at this point. Found another lonely runner who was also using his distance optimisation skills to the maximum. I badly wanted to talk to someone since Satya left, just to ignore my inner voices. He is Sandeep from Amdavad and running his maiden FM after running a 1:42 ADHM. He knew VishwasB and PiyushS and even told me that Vishwas did an ultra a day before. It brought a smile on his face when i told him that his name matches with one of my gang member. Sandeep kept pace for a KM and then fell back.
And came the steepest part of the pedder road and its a ritual to walk over it. I tried to egged on some who were following the ritual by saying "just lean forward and run easy", same Gyaan that i got at KM8. Many followed with smile except one. This guy gave me a tough look and said "come on" as if challenging me and started sprinting up. I shouted "easy man, pairon ki lag jayegi", but he stopped only at the top and started walking. I went up to him at my pace and said "mate i was just trying to motivate, you are running great". I can easily relate to him, but anyway, i moved forward.

A lady in grey hairs was cheering at the top of her voice and motivating the fallen spirits of the runners. So much, that will shame the most ferocious cheerleader of IPL or for that matter any other PL J. Kids were doing over time with water bottles, candies, biscuits, chocos, oranges, frooti and the list is endless. I made it a point to say thankyou to most of them whether i took anything or not. If the elevation was an issue than the heart-warming support of the mumbaikars is a big plus of this stretch. It wont be wrong if i say that a runner gets maximum cheers and support on this stretch.
I was absorbing every bit of all these happenings and kept moving easy and steady.  A girl was looking in some pain. When i tried to cheer her, she said she is having pain in lower leg. I asked her to stretch, walk and run easy. Dont know how much it helped her, but yes she was stretching. On the downhill of the last elevation met couple of guys, smiling and running. Saw any fellow runner actually running after a long time, that too with a broad smile. Had a brief conversation with them. Asked their names and some other questions too, but sorry do not remember the answers. Shows my mental condition too at that point of time J. I reciprocated their smile with a wider one, encouraged them and moved on.
37K came and not in a bad time. It was 3:30:25 in my watch. Approximately 30 minutes for remaining 5.2K for a sub 4. For the first time during the run Sub 4 looked realistic. I said to myself that i do not want to defer this for another year. I called all my army to give its maximum, now. Things were getting tense and excited like a T20 match. I again splitted the target and this time it was 40K in 3:48:00. Majority of my fellow runners were walking, few limping and some were even stretching. And once in a while few champs were even overtaking me. I took my motivation from these few and said to myself "just 5K man" and visualised the 5K stretch of my training route; looked doable. Now my focus was more on my run. My motivational exchanges with my fellow runners changed to anonymous cheering "come on friends".
40K nailed in 3:47:37. My calculation intensive head went into overdrive. Straight away my next target was to see the "1000 meters to go" board in 3:54:00. I was breathing hard, but it does not matter now. Overtaking each and everyone, whatever was coming in my way. My cheering converted more into shouting "come on friends, run hard, last few Kms". 1000 meters to go, time in my watch was 3:53:53. Now i was super confident that sub 4 is mine. Only thing which can stop me now was a collapse, total collapse, which can not be ruled out practically. I eased down a bit, told myself i want sub 4, not important that by how much i beat it.

I went on with ease and confidence in my stride. Someone crossed the road resulting me to put brakes and obviously i roared back(do not make a runner stop in his last Km else he will bite you like a mad dog J). 500, 200, 100 and the finish line in sight. I collected everything i had in me and went into sprint mode. With palms straight, fingers pointing towards the finish line and teeths closed tightly, i went past the finish line. My watch stopped at 3:59:21 and i knew official timing will be a second less not more. Just vented out the heat inside me with a loud "yesss" and returned to my civic senses the next second. That yesss made a head to turn around, but who cares.

I went to medical camp to get a enerzal pack. Saw a familiar face with grey hairs. I remember this guy overtaking me in ADHM and today also. I congratulated him and asked his whereabouts. He is Rajesh Wadhwa from Delhi, a veteran runner. Naa, i am not ashamed. With promise to meet again, i came out. Stretched my muscles, met SanjayJ and RashmiM and proceeded to the medal area. Met Satya, my running mate till 28. The happiness on his face told me everything. We hugged each other and exchanged our numbers with a promise that we will meet next year too. Met my gang, all did fantastic. Infact more or less everybody did their PB. Thats my gang(two members missing), feeling proud and happy.
I came here in 2012, saw the pedder road more closely in 2013 and this year it belongs to me. Returning back to Delhi, soul and sole both at rest. Got message from Satya in the evening:
"Hi, This is Satya Tripathi. Thanks again for the pace. May pls store. Rgds"
Running is special, it lets you know so many people. People who feel happy in your achievement and when you are down, they pick you up too, quite different from the outside(read self-centric) world.

Another wait starts ................................................................................... Date: Jan 18, 2015

Monday, 20 January 2014

My ADHM 2012 Saga

Date: September 23rd, 2012; Day: Sunday; Time: 06:15 AM; Place: Greater Noida, and here I am running with my friends around the Golf course, discussing how tough it’s going to be exactly after a week. Yes, next Sunday will be the beginning of the running season for this maniac and what a run to start with – Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM). We did two loops of the golf course (~22 Km) and this is our last long run before the next Sunday carnival. Today is the last day to collect the Bib (running number that runners pin up on their t-shirts), so plan is to go to the expo in the noon.

We (family) reached the expo at NSIC grounds Okhla at 1. It is a happening place. We (sister and I) collected the Bib and goodie bag. First official run for my sister, not a half marathon but shorter Great Delhi Run (6 Km). I needed a new pair of shoes. This is my third ADHM and my previous two were also in brand new shoes (educated people say do not run in new shoes on race day but I go with my feeling). Wow, there is a “Catch Masala” outlet too at the expo giving away 20% discount on MRP. Sounds odd in a running expo but needless to say that it has many takers including us. Bought the parking ticket and after spending around 30 mins to zero down on the feel-best shoe we left for Lajpat Nagar market (well with family you cannot avoid shopping).

I am being used as the “Conveyor belt” to load the shopping stuff and in between I am doing trip to the parking to off load myself in the car. While they are busy shopping, I stole some moments to have a fresh-hot-bread-pakora. It’s nice and then to quench my thirst I gulped chilled Banta (tasted it for the first time in my life, if you don’t know Google it) with lemon. The shopping spree went till around 8:30 (good they start closing the market). Long tiring day. Will the next Sunday be so tiring? Definitely NO. Running for two hours is much more comfortable than being a “conveyor belt” for 5 hours J. I can do a Marathon in this much time and will be in better shape as I am now (little exaggerated, but chalta hai).

When I woke up on Monday morning my throat was congested. Next morning means Tuesday the cough increased and I also felt little feverish. Is it the CHILLED-BANTA-EFFECT poured over hot oily bread pakora? Can’t say. But run is on Sunday so no worries I will be definitely in the pink and healthy by then. On Wednesday I test drive my new shoes, they are feeling great and cozy.

Thursday, I woke up with fever. Missed office. Panic started to creep in. Mom suggested seeing a doc and I agreed at the first instance. It’s the first time that I agreed so readily but do I have an option. Now the camel is under the mountain J. In our home we also keep a homeopathic medicine for cough and cold. I started swallowing the tasteless white tablets every five hours. Took steam before going to bed. Never in my life gave this much respect to cold and fever. Necessary Evil.

Combined effect of Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Allopathy is that I am much better on Friday. Now this is what you call a Team-Effort. Went office, my colleagues wished me good luck for Sunday.

Perfect Saturday. I am healthy, still on medicines but nevertheless in good spirits. No worries, No anxiousness. High carb breakfast of Kotu-ka-chila (Buck wheat for the uninitiated) stuffed with potato. I announced to the house that I will take my lunch at 2 and dinner at 08.30 and will sleep by 09.30. They just smiled. So how am I feeling? Well I am excited. No, I am very excited. It’s like a carnival for THE RUNNERS like me and I am waiting for the morning next day.

This time my pre-race day preparation is exactly as prescribed in the running manuals. Do not want to put a foot wrong (have done it already by having a bread-pakora topped with Banta). In the evening itself my running attire is ready. Bib pinned to my t-shirt, timing chip tied to the shoes. My brand new digital watch with lap memory is out. I took out a hundred rupee note from my wallet, a hanky and took out the car key from the bunch and placed these three items together (stuff which I will be carrying while running). Family saw it and again smiled. Good, at least for a day I am the reason of their smile.

Had a glass of milk with a bowl of chickpeas. Not feeling hungry so delayed my dinner to 9 and then Mr Bachchan kept me glued to the TV set till 10. With alarm set at 4 in the morning I went to bed with couple of glass of water already in.

At the stroke when clock hit four, the alarm went off. Got up instantly with zero delay. Doubled my water intake and went ahead with my morning rituals. Race start time is 06:40. Plan is to reach the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (race venue) by 06:15; so will leave home by 05:20. Race venue is around 45 kilometers from my house but should not take more than 50 minutes to reach there at wee hours.

After having my bath, I am at the dining table at 5 am in the morning. It happens only on the race days. Eating Aloo-Ka-Parantha, my absolute favorites. Had a couple and settled them down with a bowl of oats (Educated people believe that our meal should be at least 2 hours before the run and should be light). Is this light? J, but who cares. I believe in Khali pet na hoe bhajan Gopala (you can’t pray empty stomach) and for me running is DIVINE. Great, solid defense.

Left Home at 05:25 after hydrating myself for a very eventful day ahead. Its dark. Cool, calm weather. I am enjoying my drive. City is still sleeping, its Sunday for them. But I have miles to go before I sleep.

Reached the parking area outside the stadium at 06:10. Tried calling my friends but their mobile is switched off, seems they are already inside. Switched off my mobile, kept it in the car and started my walk to the stadium with three things in my running shorts – key, money and hanky. People from all walks of life, old and young, thin and fat, individuals and groups are advancing towards the stadium entrance. All dressed athletically in colorful attires. These are the moments which I love most. Dawn is breaking.

I thought to jog till the start point to warm up my legs. One of the runners in a group signaled at my Bib and said to his friend “look he is from category A” (category A is for the runners who did their last half marathon under 2 hours, and last time I somehow managed to crawl to the finish line just under 2; how humble I sound isn’tJ) and surely my chest went 2 inch broader hearing that but I pretended indifferently. But it was like a tonic to my already soaring high spirits. So I guess it’s time to announce my race target for this time. Well I am planning for anything between 1 Hr 50 Min to 1 Hr 55 Min. Let’s see how it pans out.

After jogging for around 500 meters I saw a public convenience complex. Well this is the most sought after place for runners before any race. I made my bladders comfortable and just when I am coming out of the complex, I realized I have not called back home that I have landed safely here. Well this is not the time to take chances and I don’t want Procam (race organizer) to pick me half way during the race after getting a freaking call from my home. I raced back to the car, switched on my mobile. For the first time I cribbed for the delay my mobile took for starting up (many FIRSTs happening to me these days and many more to come). After conveying my message home, I again switched it off, put it back and locked the car (Event# 1). Its ok, I still have enough time to reach the start point. Its 06:25, no worries, nothing can go wrong. I started my jog back, this time little bit faster, to the start point. By the time I reached the point from where I had turned back to call home, I again realized that I have forgot to take off the chain I am wearing; and for god sake now don’t tell me that I have to run with this chain. No way. Forget jogging, I ran back to my car, took it off and sprinted back (Event# 2).

I ran through the stadium entrance. Security personnel are checking everyone entering here. Halted, gave myself to the security person and after the check I ran ahead to the start point. Looking for holding area ’A’ and saw one of my friend. After patting him good luck I reached the holding area at 06:38 in the watch. With good luck I met my friends with whom I was planning to run. Exchanged pleasantries. I am sweating and breathing little heavy (courtesy 3 Km run which I just finished). Not a start I would have expected but I guess it’s been a tremendous warm up for my body. The holding area is all crammed. There is no separation between different holding areas. My friend is planning for a 1 Hr 50 Min finish. I will try to match him till I can. Reset my watch in timer mode.

Exactly at 06:40 am the whole mass of thousands of people started to move ahead. I am walking easy till the starting mat (official starting point) and first thing I did while crossing is to start my timer and immediately went into my rhythm. But man there is no space to run. It’s so crowded. Nobody is following traffic rules, no lane driving and I am like a crazy driver overtaking others from whichever side possible (well, there are others too doing same to me). While navigating my way ahead and keeping a good pace, for once I almost tripped. Thanks to the runner in front of me who is wearing a water belt, which somehow I managed to cling on and save my jaws. My friend is already 50 meters ahead of me. I increased my pace to catch him, but seems he read my mind and increased his pace too and soon disappeared in the crowd ahead.

Loud music, drum beating and cheer leaders are making the start electrifying. Hey Sai Nath Paar Lagade are the words of one of my fellow runner. I just smiled in my heart, saluted Sai Baba and ran past him. Weather is warm and humid and I am sweating. Thanks to the tree cover on Delhi roads. After couple of kilometers I got some space to run. Legs feeling strong, body feeling great, I motivated some of my fellow runners. One turned his face to look at me as if I encroached his privacy but others reciprocated it with smile. It’s not that I am good at heart and so I am motivating them, but I myself feel very energetic doing this and automatically my speed increases (selfish meJ).

I am looking for kilometer demarcations but could not see any. On usual days, these roads would have been jammed with vehicles but today they belong only to us. Here it is, Km 5 and I recorded the split time. I am surprised, I am running faster than planned. I kept my pace with occasional pat and chit-chat with the fellow runners. I am enjoying my running. So many corporates participating, with whole group wearing same attire having company name at the back. Nice way to make your presence felt.

Km 7, still good pace with India gate in front of me. Running past India gate, on Rajpath with Rashtrapati Bhavan in my sight is truly memorable. This what makes this route so charismatic. What’s missing here is, tree cover. But good that sun is at our back. Having a cup of orange color water with most of the powder settled at the bottom. Improper mixing, but it still softened my dry throat. Motivated another runner and he thanked me for pulling up his spirits. I wanted to overtake him but he matched my pace. We strike up a conversation. He was practicing with Arun Bhardwaj group (The famed ultra-marathon runner from Delhi). Coincidentally he is working near my office only. My eye-watch co-ordinationJ and company of this new running partner is keeping me busy.

And see who is here, my lost buddy Podolski. We met in Mumbai full marathon and there he humbled me, not to mention that he is one of them (THAT SPECIES). I greeted him, made him remember, smiles traded. It’s time to return the favor. Stepped up my pace and went past him. Podolski, you can beat Messi but not me (and if you missed the pun intended, refer to my Mumbai marathon 2012 blog). World is indeed small.

My running partner stopped to have some water but again catches me. Am I slow? Well, don’t know. Km 10 and I did it in 51:35. 1:50 finish is well in sight. We are talking, matching each other’s step. Around Km 12 my running partner left me to move ahead. I am surprised, from where he got this energy (little while ago he was sulking, seems I motivated him more than required and yeah all these thoughts did crossed my mind) and tried to match him but the gap kept increasing. After sometime I could only see his black cap which too disappeared soon. My eyes are looking for my running friends, with whom I do my Sunday runs, but can’t find them.

India gate is back but sun is in front and glaring directly into my eyes as if challenging me. Stretch between Km 12 to Km 14 is tough. Not a hint of shade. Volunteers are standing close to the road to give water, orange slices, and cool sponges. I need water and signaled a volunteer at a distance to open the bottle and he obliged (nice of him, precious seconds saved). Drank all of the 200ml and tossed the empty bottle in the nearby bin. Shot misses. Fun of running at the India gate is missing on the return journey. Legs are no more fresh and heat coming from the sun is soaring with my energy levels dripping.

Km 14, and my watch is telling that my pace is getting little slower. Now my mind is speaking loudly to my legs and commanding them to keep up the pace. And suddenly I realized that I am no more talking and motivating my fellow runners (since I am listening more to the tussle between my mind and body). Do I need motivation? Who is going to pat me? But my condition is not bad, it’s the pace which is hard to sustain. Immediately I exclaimed to a runner “good running, keep it up”. Feeling better nowJ. Ambulance sirens can be heard. But I am running and running strong.

Km 17. A runner collapsed and volunteers are attending him. Few are stretching to make their cramped legs comfortable and I am running while looking at my watch after every Km. My splits have increased by few seconds. I am trying to run fast in last 3 Kms but my legs are not ready. It is hard to maintain my current pace, forget upping it. But I am trying. Km 19, Drums and cheer leaders are back but even that is not making the legs smile. Someone around uttered Jai Mata Di, I repeated it in my mind. Km 20. A fellow runner came from behind and said “Come on” (first time someone else took the initiative, guess he needs energy) and tried to get past me. Being challenged, my legs become faster and over powered the trespasser.

500 meters to go. Huge crowd of people, standing on both sides of the road and cheering for us. Now this is special, awesome, heavenly. Feels like whole nation is cheering for me to win the Olympic gold. Legs started to do overtime. People clapping and screaming. I did the Shahid kapoor act of Kaminey (I mean I sprinted and obviously not topless, evidence below).

This is the moment when your body forgets everything, give all it has. Finish line in sight and I am running as if I doing a 100m sprint. Hearing the beeps for the one final time while crossing the finish mats is just great. Hurray, finished the run and my engine is slowly coming to a halt and so does my timer. It’s reading 1:51:05. Official timing can be little different. Fantastic, I am happy. No, I am proud. Congratulating myself.

Took a Gatorade and started sipping it slowly. Saw my friend, whom I lost in the starting Km and on his shoulders is another friend. Seems he got cramps in his legs. I gave them high five. They crossed the finish line couple of minutes earlier than me. By the way these guys are from Indore and Bengaluru and here just for running. No dearth of maniacs. You will find many more here. And here he is, my running partner who ditched me at Km 12. I congratulated him and immediately complained “you left me and ran ahead”. He said “No, I was behind you”. “Oh, were you not wearing a black cap”. “No”. Geez, I pushed thinking it’s him. We took each other’s email to stay in touch.

It’s better to do some stretching now. Doing stretching and congratulating some unknown faces. Collected my finisher’s medal. They put it around your neck to make you feel accomplished. Took my refreshment packet. The area is getting crowded. Met most of my friends and with whom I boasted my timing. Meeting my running group, with whom I started my running career two years back, is always special. So, everything hunky-dory, this write up should end. Well no, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.

I am waiting for my sister and little worried too, how will I be able to catch her in this crowd? Although I have already told her to meet in front of the medal distribution counter after her run, but none of us have our mobiles and crowd is huge. Luckily, did not have to wait much. Here she is, Oh I found her pretty easily. I asked her how was the run and she just shook her head (in her lingo this means nothing great). I am cramping a bit. I asked her to stay together and collect the refreshment pack. Just then someone asked me “where is the medal distribution counter”. I pointed him to the direction and Bingo, my sister is missing. She must be in the queue to collect the refreshment packet. After 15 minutes of my search operation I gave up (Event #3).

She resides in a hostel nearby, so no worries. Till now none of the events have affected me in anyway. They occurred to give me some anxious moments but nothing more than that. Time is 10:30 and like other participants I also crawled back to find my way out. I exited from gate# 14 and parking area is around 2 Kms from here. There are many others like me who got out of the wrong gate. “Can’t they announce that people having parked their cars in Barapullah parking should exit from gate# 8”, I complained to one such unlucky person. Seems the glaring sun has finally got better of me. Literally I did a parikrama of the stadium. Limping, cribbing and feeling the heat I reached the parking area.

Time 11:00 am. Opened my car and kept my stuff inside. Switched on my mobile, called my sister and she has already reached her hostel, Great. No discussion on where she disappeared, I am in hurry to reach home. And just when I am all set to take off I figured out that my gear is locked. I must have locked it in the morning out of my habit and obviously as you all know I do not have the gear lock key with me. Man I am missing to see my facial expression as this news broke out to my mind. What a scene it would have been (Event# 4) and this one will surely affect meJ.

Within minutes I regained my composure, this is surely going to be a special day. I called home, told them the story and assured them that I will manage it. No worries. Called one of my running friend to check just in case if he is still here so that I can get a lift till home, but he has already reached his home. Situation is pretty simple now, leave the car here and come back tomorrow WITH GEAR LOCK KEY to fetch it. I kept the water bottle with me and locked the car. I am looking for a parking assistant, saw one. Told him my story, got his number and requested him to keep an eye. Spend 15 minutes more talking to the security guard at the entrance gate of the parking. Left my address and number with him. He assured me to watch if someone tries to go out with a red SantroJ.

Time 12:00 noon. Out of the parking. Waiting for some rickshaw or an auto but to no avail. I am sure that today it’s going to be different, so without wasting further moments I walked to the INA metro station which is couple of Kms from here. And believe me I am contend and smiling. Even bargained a fruit Walla for apples, but he did not succumbed to my offer. I loaded my body into the metro, needed to change it once before reaching Noida. From there I took bus to Greater Noida. Saw a vacant seat and sat there. It is a ladies seat, I looked around to find any other general category seat but as it happens in our country, general category seats are always full. Anyway I don’t have the option so tried my luck (by the way I know my luck today). After 5 minutes someone tap my shoulder. A lady. Well yeah, as a gentleman I got up. Oh yes, my legs can carry me still.

Another 5 minutes, SPLATTTTTTTT (flat tire). And the bus slowly came to a halt on the side of the road (Event# 5). Instantly I smiled. Ok get down, stand in the sun, and find another bus; are my first thoughts. Mr. Driver and Conductor sahib had an inspection, came back and proclaimed that it’s the inner tire and bus can still move slowly. While I am standing, I noticed that there is a photo of Sai Baba and Goddess Durga on the front glass of the Bus. “Lord, is this the punishment because I smiled that time, but it was an innocent one?”. “No Son, It’s not your punishment. If this been a punishment, you would not be travelling in a bus comfortably”, pat came the reply. Anyway, my self-talk stopped as I reached my station. Got down, hired an auto. At 02:30 I am home, lunch is waiting.

In the evening, got a call. “Is the red Santro parked here yours?”. “Yes”. “Remove it in an hour or else we will deposit it in the police station”. I collected all my politeness and requested the person to let me take it next morning. He reluctantly agreed. Next morning at 08:00 hours I am leaving home. Only runners can understand how my legs are feeling now. My walk is a treat to watch. Took the exact mode as the yesterday’s journey with just one change. Took rickshaw from the metro station to the parking, my legs need it. At 10:20, I reached there and yeah with the gear lock key. As human, checked the car and the stuff in the rear box. With everything intact, I thanked the security guard and left for my office. Now that wraps up my third ADHM. It was a memorable experience which I loved to the hilt. Will the next year ADHM be like this? Oh yes, I will love it; but will make sure I leave the gear lock at home.

Let’s have a look at my report card below:

Goal for the next year ADHM is same, to reduce THAT SPECIES overtaking me. Let’s see what the population of THEM is, this year?

Population of THAT SPECIES = Number of runners from fairer sex overtaking me + Number of men runners with grey hairs overtaking me.
So, Population of THAT SPECIES = (565 – 555) + (555 – 512) = 10 + 43 = 53
Gosh, 53 of them pushed me hard and humbled my MACHOISM. Great, the contest will go on and I will definitely reduce this number next time. But THAT SPECIES is not the one to get extinct, in fact it’s growing and after a decade I myself will be converted to themJ.

And what if I am not able to keep my commitment; well I am not Mr. Salman khan. Waise Salman khan se yaad aaya, next weekend I am having ITBP half marathon which will be flagged off by Mr. Salman Khan, so see you all after that. Good Bye.

My First Marathon: SCMM 2012

14th January 2012, at 8:15 AM we (my 4 friends and I) landed in Mumbai. Newdelhi-Mumbai Garibrath is a good train (Thank you Laluji), right on time. And we are here JUST to participate in the Mumbai Marathon tomorrow. Yes, JUST. Something unusual? And some of you might be thinking that may be our trip is sponsored (some of you did asked meJ). Yes, we are sponsoring ourselves.
In my case I genuinely feel that the blame (read credit) should go to one Mr Kalmadi for organizing the commonwealth games in Delhi in Oct 2010. During all that hoo-hullah the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon(21.098 km) was announced. Bitten by the commonwealth fever, some of my enthusiastic friends and myself registered for it, to showcase our running talent. We did fairly well, completing it in around 2 hours. Great run.
We never knew that this was just the beginning. We were nurturing a running KEEDA within ourselves. So was this running KEEDA strong enough to survive so long (I mean from Oct 2010 to Aug 2011 when we had to register for Mumbai Marathon). The answer is big NO.
Again somebody has to take the blame and this time it’s one of my friends. One fine August Sunday, when I was having a sweet afternoon sleep, my mobile rang. During the conversation my friend told me that he has registered for Mumbai Full marathon. Suddenly the running KEEDA in me (which was more or less dormant till now) came to life and we are here in Mumbai on our way to the hotel. Flashback ends.

After taking bath, Mumbai sandwiches and Uttapam; not to forget the special Chahh (what we call Chai here) we went to the World Trade Centre (Race Expo) to collect our Bib (running number). When my turn came, I was told that my Bib has already been collected by someone else. How can this be possible? After few anxious moments, I got another bib. Thanks to the volunteers present there to assist us.

We are now out of the expo, planning to go to the Gateway of India. By the way, Mumbai roads are full of taxis. Even Santros and WagonRs are used here as taxis. I myself own a Santro. No, I am not planning to sell it now to purchase a sedan.

We planned to sleep by 9 pm as the full marathon would be starting at 5:40 in the morning. But we reached our hotel only by 10:30 pm (courtesy boys day out). I shaved (to have good marathon snaps) and hydrated myself well. Was in bed by 11 pm after setting alarm for 3:30, but could not sleep before 1, very excited about the race.

Its 3:30 and I woke up instantly, feeling fresh and raring to go. Took my shower, wore the bib, tied the timing chip to my shoes. After having couple of bread slices with butter and a banana we left for Azad Maidan (starting point of the marathon) at 4:45. They say Mumbai never sleeps but I guess most of the Mumbai is still sleepingJ. We reached Azad Maidan by 5 and first thing we all wanted to do is to release the pressure we built up due to excess hydration. Great weather, still dark. Runners are pouring into the Azad Maidan from all sides. Men women boys girls of all ages. Bright colorful attires. Some are stretching, some our planning for the race ahead. Some like me our doing nothing, just feeling these moments and absorbing most of it.

We regrouped in 2(3 & 2), as we were targeting different finish times. All of us proceeded towards the holding area. Gates are still closed. We 3 decided to run the first half together. Just to make it official, my pre-race target is under 5 hours. But I will try for a finish time around 4 hours and 30 minutes. 5:40 in the clock. Gates opened. Around 3000 runners roared into the start line. Race is ON now. Its festive mood here. IPL tune can be heard loudly. There are some bands on both side of the road cheering for us.

For the first 3 km we ran together. My other 2 mates are running at a higher pace. Thinking that I have to cover 42 km I slowed myself a little to take it easy. It is bit humid and the heat generated during the run started coming out as sweat. From the inner city lanes we turned towards the Marine Lines and Chowpatty. Ah, great view. Running along the sea side. My friends are now vanished in the crowd ahead, but I am not alone. There are plenty behind and with me too.

A flyover at 7 km. If you are not a professional runner, don’t run over them or they will kill you in the later part of the marathon. I am feeling energetic but I just walked over it and so did most of my fellow runners except few who forgot to read this before. Elevations are not gone; it’s a treacherous stretch of 2 km having long ups and downs.

Mumbai is now waking up. People have started coming out to cheer for us. "COME ON MUMBAI" is the more famous one. Once I also shouted in my heart "COME ON DELHI", but then Mr Shahrukh Khan came to me and I said yeah ok “COMEON IN-DI-YAAA”.

At around 8 KM I had my first cup of energy drink. Sea is out of sight. Body is all warmed up and feeling great. No tiredness, No Pain. I know they are inevitable, but for now they are nowhere. A girl is overtaking me. The man inside me roared and coaxed me, “Hey, how can you let this happen”. If this would have been a Half Marathon, I would have tried matching her pace. Girls, Men with grey hairs are good motivators for me. I feel challenged and charged up when these species overtake me. But here I rather chose to be little shameless. It’s still a long way to go before I step up on the podium. God, not one or two, there are many. I have closed my eyes and have muted my Man.

10 km down, its Hazi Ali. Dawn is breaking. Sea is back and with it the cool breeze too. Feeling like heaven. Cool air soothing my body. No more sweating. Me, my fellow runners and the picturesque surroundings. There is no evidence of my other 2 partners. They are much ahead of me I guess. Not only Men with grey hairs, here overtaking me is a Woman with grey hairs. God, I can’t take this anymore. I stepped up my pace a little, to go past her.

Podolski (German soccer great), written on the back of the red t-shirt of an Englishman in his 60's. I just went little closer and greeted him "Great Run". He answered "You too". I replied "I am following you", he just smiled back probably thinking that "Kid, you won’t be able to follow me". But then I didn’t knew what he is thinking. He is running strongly, so I sticked with Podolski, unofficially my new running mate. We have one similarity too; I am wearing a Messi (Argentine soccer legend) t-shirt.

Its 15 km, and sun is just going to wake up. We are running on the Rajiv Gandhi Sealink connecting Bandra to Worli. What a place to run, awesome, beautiful. Please add adjectives of your choice here. But truly, now I don’t remember from where I am, what I do. What’s my past, what’s stored in future? I am just running in the PRESENT and enjoying every bit of it. And suddenly, a huge crowd is coming towards us from the opposite direction. Ok, they are the Half Marathon runners, which started at 7 am from Bandra. All are cheering, waving and enjoying the run.

Its 17 km, and sun is just peeking out and surprised to see so many of us waking up earlier than him. And here they are, with yellow caps (which they bought yesterday night @ forty rupees each from a road side vendor) on their head, my lost partners. I said "Hi Guys". They turned their neck at 90 degrees and replied "We thought you are ahead of us". What a humble response fellasJ. We started running together again. My running mate, Podolski is still around. Switching positions. At the end of the sea link there is a race photographer clicking snaps for us. We started to run bit in front of each other with our arms open, to be in the frame.

Its 20 km. we completed it in 2 hours. I am breathing easy and steady. Still no tiredness, no pain. My friend asked me whats the strategy for the next half. I said lets just run easy at our pace and run till our body allows us and after that we can do run-walk-crawl. Occasionally I am looking at the wrist watch (my Mom's watch, as it is small and light weight; giving my clarification so that you don’t ask me why I am wearing a ladies watch) just to reassure myself that I am running at a pace good enough to finish in 4 hours 30 minute. Till now everything is going as planned.

A girl in yellow, oh yeah she is the one who overtook me very much at the start. I exclaimed to her "Good running" and she replied "Thank you". I continued "I saw you at 1, you are running great" and just to cheer her up I added "Come on, we are waiting for you at the finish line". She might have smiled back, I did not notice. We (my friends and of course Podolski) overtook her. Little I knew about the future. Now I started having a cup of Gatorade (flavored electrol) at every stop. Mumbai is now all out of their houses. People could be seen in good numbers on both sides of the road, clapping and cheering our fading spirits.

At 26 km mark, my friend (not FRIENDS, one already dumped us somewhere back) announced that he will now start run-walk. I continued running with my pace, which is steady but is definitely getting slower. 27,28 km mark passed by and whats this. The 4:30 bus (group of people determined to finish the race in 4 Hrs 30 Mins, lead by a leader who has already completed such marathons in less than 4 hours many times) overtook me. I tried to follow it for next 2 kilometers but after that I could not and I again started running at my own pace. My body has started feeling the Inevitables. My running mate Podolski also overtook me at 30 and got vanished soon forever.

More than physical it was mental game now. Before this my longest run was a Half Marathon (21 kms) and here I have just crossed 30 and still continuing. My pace is gradually slowing. I mopped my face with a sponge dipped in cold water to remove all the salts from my face which were giving me a itching feeling. Sun is now all out, making a difference.

At 32, I finally stopped running to continue with the run-walk-crawl strategy. My legs are stiff. I am not tired nor am I breathing heavy. Its just that my legs have started revolting against me. Its the time when my mind has to take control of my body and has to think out of it. Many cute little kids on the road distributing bananas, oranges, toffees and water to the battered runners like me. People are standing with biscuits in the plate in front of their houses.

The elite runners (professional national and international athletes) are on road now. They are passing us like a group of Ferraris pass the punctured rickshaws (saying that they are overtaking us will not be good, they might sue me). They are not at all running. They are hopping like kangaroos. Ram singh yadav, is leading the Indian pack, in a bid to qualify for London Olympics (He eventually qualified after recording his personal best here).

Kilometer 35, the dreaded stretch of 2 km with long ups and downs, which came at 7 in the first half, is here to haunt us again. I am literally crawling now. Sun is also playing its part to prove his existence. It cannot get worse than this. I ate a banana (quite delicious) and a sweet little girl is offering toffees. I took one and said “Thankyou”

Now, whats this. The girl in yellow is here again and overtaking me. I exclaimed rather sheepishly, "Wow, Great. Now you have to wait for me at the finish line" and she acknowledged back loudly “Sure". My legs are all cemented now, revolting any running which my mind is ordering them. I started trying all the tricks I read to handle my revolting army. Kids on the roadside are shouting "Go Messi Go". I smiled and waved to them. I have to run, both for myself and for Messi too.

My eyes are now more frequently checking my watch. The 4 hours 30 minutes target is just over. But under 5 hours is still on, and I know I will make it. My legs are in bad shape but my mind will make them run-walk-crawl to the finish line within 5 hours, no matter how. A friend (not participating) is here to cheer and click some photos for us. I waved at him and smiled for the camera.

Hurray, Its km 40 here. What a feeling, just a couple to go. Radio Mirchi 98.3 is the official radio partner of Mumbai Marathon. The loud rocking music is pumping adrenaline into my blood. I am running. A fellow runner, having better pair of legs than me passed by and said “Great, keep running”. My eyes are searching for the 41 km mark, like a mobile phone searching for signals in the Himalayas. A fellow runner asked me the same question "Have you noticed the 41 km mark". Hey where is it?

Here it is, not the 41 Km mark, but the mark written "One km to go". Wow, the last one. Each step is getting more difficult than the previous step, but there is no stopping now. I am running as fast as I can, which is just little faster than what is my average walking speed J
500 meters to go, 300 meters to go. Last 100 meters. Finish line in sight. I raised my arms; smiled for the cameraman and here I am on the last finishing mat and got assured after hearing the beep sound which signaled that the finishing mat has recognized the chip tied to my shoes.

I am escalated. I have finished my first Full Marathon in 4 Hours 50 Mins. Mission accomplished. I dont know how an athlete feels on winning a Gold in Olympics, but surely I am feeling nothing less. I am searching a medical camp to get some aid for my legs. Here it is, but there are more needy people than me. The volunteer there gave me an Ice pack to rub on my legs and some water to drink. Some runners are coming on stretcher too. God, help them. I am healthy and fine, Thankyou. Another volunteer came and sprayed something on my knees and lower calf muscles. Dont know whether it helped or not. I am cramping, limping and smiling too.

Couple of minutes later my friends also came. After resting for few minutes we proceeded towards the medal counter. The sweet girl sitting there welcomed us with a smile. She put a cross on my bib (to mark that I have collected the medal) and put the medal round my neck. Another one handed me the refreshment packet having an apple, an orange, a ParleG and a water bottle. I am feeling special and honored. With the medal round the neck, we all came out like the proud soldiers who have won a great battle. A battle against our own body to set a new limit of 42.195 km.

After eating the oranges and ParleG, we got some group photos clicked. We are heading back to our hotel, limping/cramping/crawling, with some sweet pain in our legs, feeling happy and proud. Its time to rejoice and feel the glory. Will I be back next year? Obviously, while I am writing my experience here, I have relived the whole run and feeling the same happiness, which I felt on that glorious Sunday morning. Infact from now only I have started counting the days for the next year Mumbai Marathon. And this time I dont want to blame(read credit) my friend for making me register for it.

I will surely better my time so that I feel shameful less number of times whenever anyone from THAT SPECIES will overtake me. But truly, you guys give me strength to stretch and explore my limits further. I salute you all. Long live the KEEDA.

Its very important for me to mention here that we are returning back to NewDelhi by Mumbai Rajdhani. Nice toilets J